Personalization FAQ

Which items can be personalized from our collection?

  • Card Case
  • Slim Card Holder
  • Pebble Pouch
  • Mini Wallet
  • Card Wallet
  • Passport Sleeve
  • Long Wallet
  • Personalized Key Tags

What are my typeface options?

There are 3 typefaces to choose from:

  1. Modern (sans serif)
  2. Traditional (serif)
  3. Classic (sans serif)

We work with brass alphabet letters that are 5mm in height. At this time, we do not have any letters with accents.

Below are the available characters for each typeface (spaces available, not pictured):

Do periods count in the character count for initials?

No, periods are not included in your character count for personalizations with 3 or less characters. If your chosen text is initials, enter your text without periods, ie. "SE". Then, select "yes" if you would like to add periods (ie. S.E.). If you select "no", your personalization will be stamped as "SE".

What is the lasting power of foil-stamping & debossing?

We have had foil-stamped key tags last for years and counting with no fading in sight. If an item is handled with care, it should last for many years. However, depending on usage, both foil stamping and no colour debossing can be susceptible to fading. Overtime, leather can decompress from flexing and usage, which can cause personalizations to become less deeply imprinted over time. 

If you purchased a personalized item from us and you would like it to be re-stamped, please contact us.